Monday, January 24, 2011

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mitch woke up this morning feeling much better, so we are all cheered. He still needs to take it easy, so the rest of us left him to explore our local beach while we drove to the next town where we hear there is a bakery that makes good bread, which we sorely miss here! The “road” to Santa Teresa is pretty much 1st gear only. The potholes are huge, and you have to drive through a river – no bridge! Good thing we have a 4-wheel drive, brand-new Toyota. This surfing town is interesting: about two miles long, all strung out along one road, businesses along both sides. The bakery is a fairly new building, and the pastries look enticing, but this is the only day of the week they don’t bake bread! Bummer. So we bought a few bags of their house-made granola and headed out to check out the beach – which is spectacular! We spent an hour or so walking and watching the surfers, before heading to Malpais, the next town, where the road literally ends. Lots of tiny hotels, yoga retreats and houses for rent here, in a beautiful, isolated location. On the way back, we spotted a truck with big insulated tubs in the back: a fish monger! We stopped and bought two kilos of ultra-fresh shrimp for dinner! We had been hoping to find fresh fish, and shrimp is a bonus, so we were totally excited and headed home.

We fixed a luscious lunch of fresh corn tortillas with home-cooked black beans, rice, queso fresco, and homemade chayote salsa. Then we spent the afternoon goofing off – reading, swimming, and napping, in preparation for our spectacular shrimp dinner! Doug briefly marinated the shrimp, then sautéed them and served them with spaghetti noodles in olive oil and garlic sauce, with sautéed carrots on the side. Another luscious meal, and another wonderful day.

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