Saturday, January 22, 2011

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Today we are leaving Monteverde and heading to our rental house on the Nicoya Peninsula. We have an hour drive down the mountain down a terrible, rutted dirt road with spectacular views of the Golfo de Nicoya and the surrounding mountainous area – just unbelievably beautiful. We arrived early for the 1:00 ferry at Puntarenas, so grabbed some lunch overlooking the ferry dock. What perfect weather we have had! It is definitely hotter here at sea level, and it felt good to be in the sun, out of the clouds. The ferry trip was about an hour and a half, uneventful but more beautiful scenery and friendly people. The drive to our house is through lush countryside, punctuated by small towns with lots of medium-size dogs. We stopped in Cóbano to do some grocery shopping, which is big fun – they have lots of things we didn’t expect, like capers, fish sauce and green curry sauce. Plus mangos, pineapples, water apples, lots of citrus, and watermelons. We will eat well!

We arrived at our rental late in the afternoon and the house is better than we expected! I feel like a queen! The rooms are built around a central courtyard with a fountain and many beautiful hanging plants. The rooms are all painted vivid colors, and the décor is eclectic and lovely. Here’s their website: The name of the house is Noche del Mono, night of the monkey. We were so hot and tired that we could barely get the groceries into the fridge before jumping into the beautiful pool. As we cooled off, the howler monkeys started up, the birds flitted through the jungle around us, and we counted our lucky stars to be here!

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